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Sell your car simply, safely, and securely with WylerBuysCars in 3 easy steps.

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We handle the rest! No worries about handling complex paperwork, dealing with strangers wanting to test drive, negotiating, and even people possibly trying to scam you. At WylerBuysCars, you can get a cash offer for your vehicle in minutes, and we do everything else at the Jeff Wyler location nearest to you. It's that simple. It's that safe. It's that secure.

Not all vehicles will qualify. The Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, Inc. reserves the right to decline any purchase at the discretion of management. Purchase value is subject to adjustment for mileage, condition and current market conditions. The seller must be the registered owner of the vehicle and have a valid driver's license or other form of valid government issued photo identification, as shown on the title and/or registration. The seller must provide a valid registration and either clear and unencumbered title in the seller's name, or complete documentation regarding any lease or lien obligations or liens on the vehicle (including, for example, contact information for the lender or leasing company, relevant account information, and the current loan payoff amount or lease buyout amount including any fees for the vehicle). Any liens or fees will be deducted from the amount paid to the seller. In the event that the seller's loan balance exceeds the amount of the company's offer, it will be the seller's responsibility for paying the difference with certified funds to complete the transaction. If same day payment is not available, payment will typically be issued within three (3) business days of all requested documentation being completed and, the vehicle being delivered to the company, as well as the company receiving the physical title (with lien release, if applicable). Some circumstances may lengthen this time frame. See company for additional details.